God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for All Mankind

Is it possible to know what the future holds for us? Our Creator does have a plan for us through an annual cycle of festivals described in the Bible.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Learn more about the glorious future Jesus Christ will usher in at His return called the Kingdom of God and discover the truth behind this often misunderstood belief and concept.

Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe?

Why are today's supposedly Christian holidays observed with so many rituals and customs that are not sanctioned anywhere in the Bible?

The Beyond Today TV Program

The Beyond Today TV program offers practical ways to help you improve your life today while pointing to a bright hope for you, your family and all humanity tomorrow.

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Beyond Today Magazine | July-August 2024 Issue

The Global Impact of the US Election

The world stands on the precipice of significant geopolitical change, a major factor in that being the direction America goes with the choice of its leadership. The United States has been experiencing severe decline, with its preeminent global position being challenged at every turn. Internally, the country is wracked with division and rotting in immorality. Lawlessness is on the rise in the country and throughout the world, while those who would follow the Bible face increasing resistance. Rampant lawlessness was foretold in the Bible as an indicator of the end of the age—the time leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. Where must you turn? Many pin their hopes for the future on men vying for political office and restored national power, but those hopes will ultimately be dashed no matter who wins. Times will grow worse. But don’t fall into despair. The last best hope is coming with the future Christ will bring. 

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The Bible Study Course

Only one book gives us the answers to life's crucial questions: Why are we here? Where is the world headed? What does the future hold? Our eye opening 12-lesson Bible Study Course will make the Bible come alive as it leads you through the biblical answers to these and other questions!

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