Philippine United Youth Camps 2018

The United Youth Camp is a Christian camp organized by the United Church of God, an International Association, to provide youths with an environment that will demonstrate that God’s way works as they develop towards maturity in all aspects of life.

This year, as was in the previous year, we will again have three regional camps in the Philippines: One in Luzon, another in the Visayas, and a third in Mindanao.

Click here for more information about the United Youth Camp 2018 Luzon. Check back for more information on the other two regional camps in the Philippines.

Contact Information

For general information or inquiries about the United Youth Camps in the Philippines this year, please email us at .

Quick Facts (UYC 2018 Luzon regional camp)

Camp Site: GSP Ating Tahanan, Baguio City

Camp Dates: April 25-May 1, 2018

Arrival Date*: April 25 (Wednesday)

Departure Date: May 1 (Tuesday)

Camp Director: Epifanio Rey Evasco